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The story of a nineteenth-century sea captain who still holds the record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by a sailing ship, and also commanded the first ocean liner sunk by ice—56 years before the much more famous sinking of the Titanic.

A firsthand account of life in Liverpool’s Catholic seminary during the 1960s, which draws on this and Miles’ subsequent experience as a scientist and business executive to reach contrarian conclusions about the role of seminary training in the clergy sexual abuse crisis.


Asa Eldridge, the subject of The Lost Hero of Cape Cod, had two brothers who were also prominent sea captains. This article discusses how the three brothers adapted from sail to steam, and became some of the very few mariners to command vessels from all three of the nineteenth century’s most prestigious classes of ship.


Michael Kenna has long been one of the world’s most renowned photographers, but as a boy attended the same Catholic seminary as Vincent Miles. This book contains a collection of images by Kenna of the seminary’s magnificent buildings, with essays by both him and Miles.

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